Creating a Corporate Budgeting Culture is Our Most Significant Value Added

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The products of Dataliva, which achieved being among the top 10 companies in the category of “Budgeting solution provider” in Europe in 2022, have been used by more than 6,000 corporate users in 20 different sectors for 27 years.

LivaBudget and LivaClick, the products of Dataliva, have been used by more than 300 national and international companies of all sizes. With budgeting, forecasting, financial planning, business intelligence, and data reporting features, LivaBudget and LivaClick corporate performance management (CPM) systems produce solutions using business intelligence for the managerial decision-making support processes of organizations in the pharmaceutical, chemical, construction, retail, defense, textile, marine, automotive, auto spare parts, health, agriculture, mining, transportation, furniture, security, cleaning, hospitality, aviation, medical, education, and sports industries, etc.

In addition to its off-the-shelf digital solutions, Dataliva also offers corporate budgeting, business intelligence, reporting, fintech SAP consultancy, and special digital transformation solutions that can be customized according to the business performance structure.

At Dataliva, our most significant goal is to contribute to the corporate budgeting culture for all businesses through the technologies we develop.

“LivaBudget is a key that can open all doors”

LivaBudget CPM solution claims to be a unique product that we have developed together with our stakeholders from all industries with our common know-how for 27 years and has features that are not offered by many similar applications.

With its business intelligence that can predict the administrative processes of businesses from A to Z, our LivaBudget solution is like a smart key; it can open all doors where businesses look for a solution in future planning.


LivaBudget runs in integration with the ERP solutions and/or Excel. It can be integrated with SAP, Oracle, Infor, Dynamics, Logo, Micro, Canias, and other ERP systems.

Whether a single company or a holding, LivaBudget’s interactive budgeting feature significantly improves the performance of the customer’s budget process by improving collaboration across all departments. It allows our customers to generate solo and consolidated budgets, budget estimates, and revised budgets, perform scenario analyses, and implement various regulatory standards, including Tax Procedure Law (TPL) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) with a single click.

LivaBudget, which utilizes LivaClick’s business intelligence capabilities, help customers make the most proper business decisions to achieve their goals while also offering various financial performance and management dashboards, and reports. Budgeting enables the visualization of actual and historical data, scenario comparison, and optimization of budget factors, enabling them to make intuitive decisions.

LivaBudget involves all business units in the solution process and creates the desired corporate budget culture by generating interactive reports, and it enables the dissemination of this culture within the organization.

Additional solutions tailored to customer needs

It generates flexible and detailed solutions for the customer’s specific needs. The platform also has simple customization options, such as adding new features and modifying features as required by the customers.

Thanks to the authorization module, an interactive budget can be generated by involving all business units.