In 2022, Dataliva, has achieved the success of being among the TOP 10 companies in Europe’s best “Corporate Performance Management Solution Providers” category, been used by more than 6000 corporate users in 20 different sectors.

Dataliva products ‘Livabudget’ and ‘Livaclick’ are used by more than 300 national and international companies of all sizes. Livabudget and Livaclick corporate performance management, budgeting, forecasting, financial planning, business intelligence and data reporting features, pharmaceutical, chemical, construction, retail, defense, textile, maritime, automotive, automotive, auto spare parts, health, agriculture, mining, transportation, furniture, security, cleaning, hotel management, aviation, medical, education, sports and many other sectors with business intelligence solutions to the managerial decision support processes of institutions.

In addition to its ready-to-use digital solutions, Dataliva also offers corporate budgeting, business intelligence and reporting, fintech SAP consultancy and special digital transformation solutions that can be tailored to the business performance structure.

“Dataliva’s most important goal is to contribute to the corporate budgeting culture for all businesses with the technologies it produces.”

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Quarter Century Experience

Our digital services have produced solutions for hundreds of companies from every sector for 26 years.

Global Network

We produce different solutions to different problems with our office locations and employees in 5 locations around the world.

Consistent Success

More than 300 corporate references with which we create a growing common value.

Big Know-How

Joint know-how created with over 6000 business professionals from past to present.

We put our values ​​at the center of our lives and we do all our work with


We create value for all your business processes with information, innovation and intelligence.

Corporate Digital Transformation Solutions

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Our Customers Tell Us

Listen to the budgeting culture we have created with hundreds of executives and budget professionals from every sector for 26 years.

For 17 companies, we were trying to budget with limited resources by examining all income and expenses in MS Excel as detailed as possible. After switching to Livabudget, we, as the budget department, focus on budget interpretation instead of collecting data and entering this data into the system.


Dataliva, which simplifies the budget process, which we have followed with highly complex formulas over Excel, with digital solutions and produces a fast and flexible solution to every problem, has greatly reduced our operational processes with its user-friendly interface and simple logic, and has also contributed to our concentration on the analysis part of the business with the right data.