Website Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

1. Intellectual and industrial property rights of Dataliva Bilişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. (“Dataliva”) website at belong to Dataliva.

2. Unless otherwise stated, intellectual and industrial property rights/copyrights and rights of license to use of the commercial logo, brand, name, domain name and other elements included in website belong to Dataliva. These terms written inhere do not give the Users any right to use these or make saving by using them unless otherwise stated exclusively.

3. Dataliva accords Users the license right that is non-exclusive, untransferable and changeable as to be limited with personal use upon Site Software in order to benefit from this website. All intellectual and industrial property rights outside the scope of the aforementioned use belong to Dataliva, and it does not include any other permission, private or general financial right or license.

4. This site, partially or wholly, can not be copied (printout, saving to disc, publishing on another site or downloading by any other method), reproduced, distributed, published, lent or exploited by modifying in any other form.

5. Intellectual and industrial property rights of the names, logo, brand and other materials and contents belonging to the third parties offered as a content on this site belong to content providers/ right holders. Unless allowed exclusively by Content providers/holders, these contents can not be copied (printout, saving to disc, publishing on another site or downloading by any other method), reproduced (including the distribution of the copies), distributed, published, processed or exploited by modifying partially or wholly.

6. All User Content, sent and transmitted to this Site, used and created in this Site or transmitted to the 3rd parties via this Site, provided that it is enabled, shall no longer be deemed confidential and entitled to any intellectual and industrial right/copyright/license right. When users create and add any information that may be considered as private or entitled to intellectual and industrial property rights in their accounts, it is accepted that this content does not include any “judicial defect” and can be published via digital transmission. Otherwise all liabilities belong to the User.

7. Dataliva has the right to use, publish, process, modify, customize, reproduce and distribute all kinds of contents of the Users for any purpose as well as the right to remove, block from the content or not to publish.

8. Users will assume the liabilities for all kinds of User Content sent, transmitted to this Site and created and displayed on this Site by the Users, and all the relevant proceedings and acts (including the obligation to recover all damages Dataliva and the third parties suffered).

9. It is illegal to copy and use or copy to reproduce any element or form belonging to Dataliva and published on the

10. The User accepts and undertakes not to gather any data over Web Site or the other User accounts and access to Site database.

11. You can have information concerning the intellectual and industrial property rights of the website at by sending an e-mail to