Performance Management

Improve Your Budgeting Processes
to Increase Efficiency


Other budget software just gives you the platform.

Livabudget is a holistic business intelligence solution that accelerates company management with its fully integrated and adaptable, customizable flexible structure.

Full Save Time with Fully Integrated Quick Adaptable Ready Formats!

  • Ability to easily adapt your budget to COA, IFRS, USGAAP standards.

  • Integrated with SAP, Oracle, Infor, Dynamics,Canias and all other ERP system.

  • Possibility of comparison between budget-actual, budget-budget and budget versions.

  • You can prepare balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements with ready-made formats.

  • You can run MRP by taking product tree and route information from the system.

  • You can create production planning with product trees.

  • You can create your budget and report data aggregated and quantitatively.

  • Control or blocking management during purchase request and order.

  • It allows all company employees to participate in the budget preparation stages.

  • You can create a new year budget based on master data and previous year data.

  • You can create reports with drag and drop technique in the pivot report view.

  • Transfer data to and from Excel easily.

  • The data entry you make in a module is instantly reflected in all modules.

What can you do with LivaBudget?

We aim to be a pioneer
in every field related to our business.

  1. Financial Consolidation

    Your management and investor reports are at your fingertips.

  2. Budgeting

    Budgeting solutions for the right decisions

  3. Budgeting and Business intelligence

    Our digital solution makes sense of big data with business intelligence while you budget.

  4. Budget Forecasting

    We take forecasting from being intuitive and make it data-driven.

  1. Planning

    Compare and plan all your business processes against data from previous years.

  2. Business Intelligence

    Simulated, consistent and traceable data analysis

  3. Corporate Performance Management

    We make meaningful and report all the data that you will refer to in the decisions you will take for all business processes.

Digital Transformation Stages

Ready in Just 4 Steps

Explore our digital transformation process involving all business units of your company

Pre Analysis

Company structure and company operation are analyzed.


Company data is matched with LivaBudget modules.

Setup & Integration

Installation training is provided to all business units. Active participation of all business units in budgeting is ensured.


As your budgeting data is generated, you can check your dashboards live from the reporting screens.


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