If you think that you cannot carry out the liabilities prescribed in the terms of use, or the conditions of approval/allowance, do not use this Site. Additionally, if you are under the age limit required for declaration of acceptance , or if you have any disability in question, do not use this site since your declaration of acceptance will be deemed invalid legally.

1. Following The Changes in Conditions and Terms of Use:
Site is updated and renewed regularly by Dataliva in order to provide and optimize services for user (User term is used as a general definition referring to all those who visit this Web Site, including the members, if any.) In line with changes and updates, information and content offered in Site will change.

Dataliva reserves the right to change conditions and terms of use and bring new/additional provisions at any time without priorAll adjustments will be announces in Site in order to inform about all necessary conditions of use. The use of this Site is subject to the user’s acknowledgment of the adjustments made in the conditions and terms of use

2. Using Contents and Services:
Certain contents offered on Site including Dataliva, brand, presentation material, data file, written text, information, news, views, recommendations, advertisements, announcements, music, sound, video, photograph, images, software etc (“Site Content”) can be published directly by Dataliva, or through other resources.

Dataliva makes no warranty and disclaims all liabilities whatsoever concerning the correctness and security of information, communication, commercial electronic mails transmitted via other websites or linked sites and all other websites that are linked and mentioned websites on this Site.

All information and quotations concerning the third parties are for promotional purposes. Dataliva or/and the owners of this content reserve the right to change the content and Service conditions without prior notice.

There may be legal restrictions on the age pursuant to the Site. User must comply with these restrictions.

Unless otherwise is stated by Dataliva, users have no right to sell products or services, make commercial advertisements and announcements and perform similar actions and merchandise by using Site pages and Site content.

Dataliva reserves the right to determine the content of Site per request, and publish advertisements and promotions. Ads and promotions are not to be related directly to the Site. Dataliva reserves the right to adjust the applications and rates regarding the advertisements at any time as required.

Users utilizing Site Content are deemed to acknowledge the risks that may occur due to the content collected via this Site.

3. Responsibility of Using Site and Site Content:
You will assume all responsibility for all actions taken in case you accept the terms of use, and use this Site in any manner. User reserves the rights to take an action (or not) based upon Site Content regardless of the resources. User visiting this Site will be subject to the legal consequences that may occur as a results of actions taken. Dataliva will disclaim all liabilities considering this issue.

Dataliva disclaims all liabilities concerning all pecuniary and non-pecuniary, legal and financial consequences or indirect damages such as profits and losses that may occur as a result of illegal or misuse of Site

Site or any information, comments or recommendations collected in the related sources, if any, are not included within the scope of investment consultancy. Dataliva will disclaim all liability whatsoever for the correctness and authenticity of the content including all kinds of views, information, evaluation, comments and statistical charts and values that are offered on sources accessed over Site.

Dataliva disclaims all liabilities concerning errors and omissions,or permanent inability to use the website (downtime), deficiency, inaccuracy of content, direct and/or indirect losses that may incur while collecting data, loss of profit, pecuniary damages and third party damages that may occur while visiting the resources accessed over the Site. Dataliva reserves the right to stop, cancel the data flow in question or change and/or remove information without any prior notice.

4. No Warranty:
This site is offered for the benefit of users, yet makes no verbal, private or written or any other kind of warranty in the broadest sense provided by the laws.

Dataliva makes no warranty in regard to the security and correctness of the functions and Content offered on Site, and that present defects will be rectified, or that Site, including the server putting this Site into service, or sub and parent links/sites related to the third parties do not carry viruses or any other damaging content.

Dataliva makes no open or implied warranty concerning that Site and Content offered on this Site will meet all expectations, purposes and private requirements seamlessly and in adequate quality.

Dataliva disclaims all liabilities to the Members and Users regarding all damages that may result in loss of profit etc, damages of consequences or indirect damages incurring due to the Site and Site Content.

Dataliva reserves the right to shut down this Site, change all Site Content partially or fully including visual design and similar elements, disconnect or charge for services without prior notice.

5. Sub and Parent Links:
There may be sub and parent sites that are not operated or owned by Dataliva, and that are operated by the third parties on this Site. It may be enabled for users to connect these sites by providing links and information. Dataliva makes no kind of warranty that the access to these sites will be seamless and permanent along with the content, convenience, security, confidentiality policies concerning these sites. Dataliva will disclaim all liability whatsoever for any personal information, content and services provided and collected on the aforementioned sites together with the privacy policies and applications of these sites.

6. Terms of Membership:
Registration: Dataliva may require Membership/Registration for using certain sections of Site, arrange different membership categories or adjust existing categories. Users may be required to enter some of their ID and contact information.

Member Name and Password: Member name and password are entered and created by the

Membership Information

The Member assumes all responsibility of all kinds of i) identity, (ii) contact information transmitted via this Site or transmitted and entered to the Site and Content during registration.

Identity and contact information provided for registration is deemed to be correct and reliable. It is Member’s responsibility to preserve the user name and password.

Dataliva disclaims all liabilities regarding unlawful and unauthorized use of username and password. In case of unauthorized use, Member is responsible for damages suffered by Dataliva and the third parties.

Member assumes all responsibility for the transactions performed over membership account.

Members are deemed to acknowledge and undertake that all kinds information transmitted to this Site or transmitted via this Site is reliable, accurate, and not misleading and does not violate the rights of third parties or laws, and provided in good faith, and that Site reserves the right to post and transmit the relevant information.

Member is liable to inform Dataliva immediately of loss of user name and password, or in case of any disclosure or unauthorized use of user name and password as soon as s/he finds out.

Commercial Communication: Members and Users are deemed to acknowledge and declare their approval/allowance that Dataliva or the third party websites which are not operated and owned by Dataliva may send electronic mail or commercial e-mail at your contact address and all electronic mails that may be sent by all kinds of electronic communication tools regardless of their commercial qualifications. Members reserve the right to cancel their approval or reject commercial e-mails. Rejection requests shall be processed by Dataliva in 3 working days at the latest.

7. Collecting Visiting Information
When this Site is visited, web servers connects to the visitor’s computer and starts to collect information automatically. Additionally, the number of visitors, sections preferred by the visitors, IP addresses, domain type, browser type, date and hour etc information including the circulation on website are monitored, inspected and stored. Users are deemed to acknowledge that Dataliva reserves the right to collect, process and keep the aforementioned

8. Prohibition on Interference
It is prohibited to violate or attempt to violate the security of this Site. In case of such attempts, criminal charges should be taken for the relevant persons. Dataliva will investigate in case of an alleged violation, and it is suspected that this is an illegal violation, Dataliva will apply for the relevant authorizations/corporations. If the relevant actions mentioned in this article are proved to occur, the access of the relevant person and Users to this Site is terminated, and their memberships are cancelled, ifPerson(s) performed the deed of violation may be imposed financial, penal and judicial charges against Dataliva or/and violated person according to the law.

9. Violation of The Terms of Use
The following article is listed in this Site. “Dataliva reserves the right to reject information existing in system, remove and delete from content, and suspend Users’ access to Site and Services without prior notice, terminate and cancel their membership (though it is not obligatory) in case of any violation or attempt of violation of the terms of Privacy, regardless of the fact that violation is realized or not. This term also applies when a third person performs a deed of violation or attempt of violation on behalf of the User.” In cases where Dataliva does not use or exercise any of the aforementioned legal rights or precautions, it shall not indicate that Dataliva disclaims its rights or acknowledges the violation.

10. Site Policies:

Criminal Acts: Users are liable not toi) any action that is considered as a crime both in local legislation and internationally ii) and act against the statutory rules and directives of European Union.

Prohibited Acts: Users are deemed to acknowledge and undertake not to run and use software sending messages more than a person is capable of sending to Site Server within a certain period of time.

11. Termination
User’s membership and access to this Site can be terminated without prior notice and any restriction at any time provided that a relevant arrangement is indicated in a separate Contract or Site content. It is a must to follow the relevant steps concerning the termination of Membership in case it is prescribed by the Site. Dataliva can also cancel, block and terminate the membership without prior notice in case (i) User violates the terms or policies mentioned inhere or by Dataliva, (ii) User has no use of right due to legal restrictions, (iii) pursuant to the provisions of Legislation or Regulatory Administrative Acts, (iv) access facility is removed due to legal regulations and force majeure provisions, (iv) transmission of website is suspended, stopped or terminated at Dataliva’s sole discretion or similar reasons.

12. Records
All kinds of book and communication logs of Dataliva including all computers records and all e-mail, fax notifications sent to the Users by Dataliva constitute exclusive and precise proofs in case of any controversy that may incur due to the use of this Site.

13. Language
If there is any inconsistency between the versions of Website “Terms of Use”, and “Privacy and Security Terms” in Turkish and other languages, Turkish version will be valid.

14. Contact of Notification
It is acknowledged that e-mail and fax notifications sent at user’s contact information provided in Site will incur the same legal consequences with the valid notification.

15. Provisions to Apply
In case of any controversy that may incur regarding the use of this Site, the laws of The Republic ofwill be applied.

16. Authorized Court and Enforcement Offices
Istanbul (Central) Courts and Enforcement Offices will be authorized in case of any controversy that may incur due to the use of this Site.

17.Information and Contact
For further information concerning the Terms of Use of website at www.dataliva.com, please send us an e-mail via info@dataliva.com